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update - Built up writings

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Previous Entry update Aug. 11th, 2007 @ 11:38 pm Next Entry
OKay so.... what had happened was... I fell off the face of the earth for awhile. Work kicked in high gear and now will be shortly kicked into overdrive but basically.. needed an update.

I found an apartment today on Carlisle right behind one of the Temple Dorms. It's a five bedroom town house with high ceilings, new washer and dryer and stove, and the best part is my set up. Three floors, one bedroom on the first, three on the second, and my own bedroom and living space and bathroom ALL to myself. I'm so stoked about the situation. Now living with 4 women... iffy. But because I'm alone on the third floor I think I'll be able to escape when nessecary. Biggest plus is it might as well be on campus. So now I'm not only registered for classes but I have a place to live now too.. AMAZING.

As for work.. my stage manager, boss, and basically sister is leaving Toby's. As she should because she went to school for being a teacher and well you should do what you go to school for. She's excited and I'm upset. To realize that when I come back to Toby's Nicole won't be there.. sucks. I know she's not gonna drop off the planet because she's like a sister to me. But.. it just blows. It's hurting me a little more than I thought it would.. . Everytime I go to leave my theatre I break my heart a little. I got offered her job but couldn't take it because of school. It's my home in so many ways. As much as I complain about how much I work, as soon as I walk in that building I find myself happy. There's drama and bullshit like there is at every work place.. but there is a family there.. an important and amazing family that I feel like I'm abandoning every time i leave. It doesn't help that Toby herself is impossible to say no to. "Sarah stay here and you'll learn more than a school will teach you. Plus I'll pay you instead of charging you." Oh if only... oh if only. I mean shit a company stage manager at 19?!!!?! that doesn't happen. *sigh* Oh well.. I'm going to Temple, I'm VERY excited but still.. sometimes at a loss.

I went to Ocean City, NJ for a week with the lady and some friends and it was amazing. Not much more I can say about that because AMAZING pretty much sums it up.

What else? nothing for now.. yup.. there ya go. I feel better now I feel like I've caught myself up on my own life too.. mwuahahahah.
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